Marshall Design head office

Marshall Design head office

I wanted to create an area where I could sit and inspire and form ideas.

The factory vintage cart was the perfect ingredient for my Coffee Table. I topped it with an ironweave glass top to bring the height up and create a more industrial feel.

The wall mount electric fireplace made of limestone completes the area and spills warmth.

Custom from top to bottom the solid maple table top was salvaged from a bowling alley that was up for demolition.

The iron legs worked perfectly and adding castors brought it up the extra couple of inches I was looking for. Old boxes make perfect homes for my samples and tidbits. The weathered butter boxes came to life with a quick scrub with steel wool and a coat of varnish. I added shelves made of barnwood for extra storage.

Tying in with the industrial look, oversized hardware, although non-functional, made my post and beam have more impact.

The hanging lights were a rare find with these 1920’s waffled shades with Edison Bulbs paired with pulleys for ease of movement vertically.

The aging 1940’s industrial Montreal street lights were exactly what I was looking for. I turned their world upside down and added a pole and they made charming hanging lights over my iron stairway.

This retro design opal glass light pendant adds to the eclectic ambiance of my space creating a perfect blend of old and new.

I love that the exterior does not gives away for whats inside.

It was love at first site with this 1890 Oak Bevelled Glass Door and this antique stain glass window adds a lot of character to the face of my studio.

These amazing antique lock sets replace the traditional garage door handles and makes things more unique.